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  • Because mine are. I have a -0.75 cyclindrical error in one eye
  • because when i try to close my eyes tiredly, my eyes look
  • eye exam came back with results of 20/30 in the right eye
  • Eye glassess Do I need coating, tint, and poly on one pair of glasses?
  • I am wondering if people that have 20/20 vision see better or
  • i been since past years sometime hit my left eye while i
  • I been thinking about doing Lasik Eye Surgury so I no longer
  • I only have a light prescription -1.00 -0.25 in both eyes. My
  • I only have one pair of lenses left but I am not
  • My eye doctor gave me eye measurements for glasses (OD/OS, Sph., Cyl.,
  • my eye doctor gave me two different prescriptions. my glasses are 4.0
  • My eye doctor said i can't take my contacts home until i
  • How do I find the contact lense to be precise floating on my eyeball?
  • Improving figment of the imagination better than 20/20?
  • Improving nearsight: i if truth be told presume this might work?
  • What to expect while getting Lasik Surgery?
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    Laser Eye Surgery (Lasek-Wavefront)?
    Has anyone had the Lasek Eye Surgery for astigmatism? I'm looking to have this done for the following measurements Right eye:- SPH -1.75 CYL -2.75, Left eye:- SPH -2.25 CYL -3.75. I have be advised that my astigmatism has changed and that I need to dawdle until it is stable before I can have the surgery. I am...

    Laser eye surgery cross-examine.?
    well i have a pretty rare eye disease call coat's disease. and i've had laser eye surgery a few times for it, and ive seen on like tv and advert and stuff the laser vision correction machines on tv (i.e adverts, use on som shows etc.) and the machines on tv looked very different. i be just wondering are these entirely...

    Laser eye surgery from optical express?
    any one had laser eye surgery from optical express.how was their experience.please let me know.i enjoy my surgery booked on 7 march with optical express.i am just unsure why optical express is much cheaper than ultrallase beside the same procedure and both of them provide life time guarantee. Hiya, well...

    Laser Vision. Why are you excluded to enjoy it done if you are within the services? (UK)?
    I wear glasses and/or contacts and like the idea of getting my eyes zapped but enjoy found out that if I was a serving member of the armed forces here in the UK I would be discharged! Any perception why if it...

    Lasering the eyes, does it still contain risk?
    my partner wants to have his eyes fixed with laser operation. Is that a apposite idea? Yes, because it permanently weakens the corneas. They never fully alleviate and could rupture at some point in the future. The procedure is really honest and has a high success rate, but at hand can be side effects such as halos...

    Lasik examine..?
    what are the chances of having permanently dry eyes after the surgery? and who is prone to this. if contacts form my eyes dry, is lasik likely to make them dry? thanks. I have Lasik on my eyes 2 days ago and I highly recommend it. I was wearing the monthly disposable contacts and was constantly have problems with dry...

    Lasik Eye Center Surgeries?
    i want to ask, (with the technology we have nowadays) does it hurt? about how long are the procedures? are they always succesfuly and if, what is the percentage of a successful surgery? does it restore your vision the way you had it when you be born? are these surgeries possible on people under 18? thank you...

    Lasik Eye Surgery and Questions?
    Why do they ask if you have had a sexually transmitted disease for Lasik Eye Surgery? So they dont molest you during the procedure? Do but really, I expect they just want to know everything about you, full disclosure ya know. It isn't just eye doctors who ask this query, it is fairly standard when taking a medical history...

    Lazy eye and contact cross-question?!?
    ok so i have lazy eyes and if i take sour my glasses i cant control them they just go where on earth ever they want and it looks gross so i were my glasses so their in focus if i wear contacts will they be in motion off in any direction or will they stay in place cuz the...

    Lazy eye and contact lenses?
    i have a lazy eye, i wear glasses, want contact for summer, my eye Doctor say it will make my lazy eye noticeable, what exactly is a lethargic eye, and how noticeable is it, has anyone here had a indolent eye and wore contacts Im blind one eye which makes my eye idle i tried wearing contacts and since the...

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