10 Year old's eye problems?

My son (10 yo) has been adage for a couple of weeks that he can't see the board at school. (He sits in the back) I really didn't presume much of it, because when he said it, it was usually because he didn't write down his homework! Anyway, yesterday, we went to the local reasonable. The Lion's Club was giving free eye exams. I had him do one. It looks resembling he has 20/30 in the not here eye and 20/100 in the right eye. I will be making him an appointment in the morning, but I be just wondering if anybody could tell me what those numbers suggest, and how bad is it? My husband nor I have ever have vision problems, so this is all strange to us. Should I be worried because it seems to have happen so quickly? Thanks in finance for all answers!

Answers:    The 20/30 left eye will be what he have been relying on for some time.
That appears a little below average, but it's apt enough to drive a car near (just as an example of quality!)
The other eye is quite clearly poor.
It could be as simple as short-sight*, the most potential cause, or it could be a lazy eye or a intact range of other rarer problems. All of them will be considered at a good mundane examination.
Children's eyes can change relatively quickly, with growth, so even the right eye may not own been that bad for immensely long, but given the left is not that bad at adjectives, it may have been here but not showing up for a year or so.
There's nothing unusual about what you're describing so that you obligation to be worried at this stage, and any of the rare but more serious possibilities, if present, will be picked up at the exam.

*there's nothing more than a awfully rough connection between 20/xx and strength of Rx, but -1.75 or -2.00 could produce that sort of blur.

Optometrist, retired.

take him to an ophthalmologist. not an optometrist, optometrist are not medical doctors, i expect they are but ophthalmologist have more training and have gone to med academy, and they can diagnose the problem and prescribe medication. 20/30 means what normal empire can see at 30 feet clearly your son can see at 20
If he is having problems reading the board within class, he is probably just nearsighted and will need some specs. As the other poster said, 20/30 means that what the average person see at 30 feet, your son has to be at 20 foot to see. In other words, he has to bee 10 feet closer, which is not horrible. 20/100, though, will manifestly require some correction. There is no need to worry, as nearsightedness usually starts up around your son's age. It probably didn't start so quickly; he probably just didn't spy it right away because it is a gradual change.

And you do not need to see an ophthalmologist. An optometrist is a doctor who is significantly qualified to diagnose your son's problem whether it is just nearsightedness or something more serious.

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