Color blind?

A few days ago I be watching a TV show on which they said that women are never color blind, and that only men can be.
Is this true?

If yes, after why did a doctor a few years ago tell me when doing an eye testing that I had problems near reading numbers that were formed beside blue dots on a background of green dots? Or doesn't that hold anything to do with color blindness?

They are not right. Women noticeably can be colorblind, it's just exceedingly uncommon.

About every 12th man have some kind of color blindness (there are different ones resembling red-green or blue-yellow color blindness). And only smaller amount than every 200th woman is colorblind.

The plates with the dots most repeatedly are called Ishihara plates (scientific: pseudoisochromatic plates). They can reveal your color blindness, newly take a express online test to revise more about it.
That's not true. It's simply that men are more likely to be color blind than women.
Yes, its true that solitary men can be colorblind. The genes of colorblindness can be carried by women, and being a delivery service doesnt mean that you are colorblind. A woman can exceed the genes to her sons and daughters. So there is a great possibility (about 25%) that the sons can be colorblind...As to the daughters, same entry will happen... they will transport the genes.

About your problem... i think you should consult another optal. But im sure you're not colorblind... its impossible.

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