Can an optometrist with contact lens awareness please advise me?

Question Details: I slept in contacts for days or weeks at a time for abundant years and would wake up beside gunk all the time. 2 times my eyes be badly infected and i have to administer this type of eye steroid after becoming very sensitive to neutral. My eyes over the years have become increasingly dry. I own finally reached a point where on earth i'm being responsible for my contacts bear them out every night. 2 times i accidentally fell asleep out of nouns and when i woke up they were within very impossible condition. Now when i put them in contained by the morning it is usually irritable unless i put brand new ones within. It feels resembling they're getting a little better but here are the existing questions:

1. What quality of damage is irreparable at this point?
2. How can i put together sure my eyes become healthy again?
3. I hold heard to enjoy laser eye surgery your eyes must be in a relatively impartial state. Is this true and if so what would i do to reach that point of eye form?

kudos for now individual responsible with your eye attention!

"1. What kind of disfavour is irreparable at this point?"

pretty much impossible to tell w/o seeing your eye. some ancestors can regress and be 100% again, some cant. depends on what ype of lens you used to sleep in, what your Rx be at the time you were slepping contained by them, and your own individual physiology

"2. How can i make sure my eyes become fighting fit again?"

wear your lenses exactly as they were prescribed...

"3. I enjoy heard to own laser eye surgery your eyes must be in a relatively dull state. Is this true and if so what would i do to reach that point of eye condition?"

wear your lenses exactly as they were prescribed...
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Hope this help.
It sounds to me that you have to some extent abused your contact lens wear. Without examining your cornea it would be difficult to assess your suitability for laser treatment.

Some of the damage to your cornea may restore your health but I doubt whether you could attain a "neutral state" of optical health, especially if you enjoy been over-wearing your lenses for years on wrapping up.

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