All of the doctors out there if your almost blind surrounded by 1 eye can you still drive?

do you anticipate legaly ? or for general sanctuary ?
it's legal contained by many places adjectives over the world , but it's not recommended
also what do you indicate by almost blind ?
my uncle is blind in one eye and he have a drivers license (and drives).
yes, i have 2 friends near a license
im not a doctor, but i doubt you can because if a car over take on the blind side you wont see so you might pull out to turn sour and then crash into them. no fault but a blind driver is a liabilty and is risking other peoples lives
I'm not a Dr. but I know a fellow who only have one eye and has a chore driving a truck for a dairy, so obviously you can seize a license. I think the brain can variety up for the depth perception problem with time. I have some eye surgery and drove around for 6 weeks with a patch and no problems. I only had a tendancy to brake too impulsive. Better too early than too in arrears I guess.
I am not a Doctor but yes you can drive with one eye,I ahve a friend his one eye blind and he is driving sports car,but in USA CA, but when he be in Arabian Gulf near me the rules there you can't drive a coup¨¦,
Yes. but you will have constrained depth preception.
Yes you can drive with one fitting eye and one bad eye. A bit more risky that two eyes working...but not a problem.
well, the definite answer is. depends on the state you live in. contained by my state (TX) it is legal to drive next to only one seeing eye, but i know that contained by some states it is not.
In almost all countries and states it is permitted, provided the good eye have a full field of vision and is healthy.

1) this collectively applies to someone who has have long-established monocular vision.
Somone used to have two eyes who suddenly loses the use of one may be advised not to drive.
2) this does not apply to most commercial driving licence, as opposed to standard private ones.
Drivers of buses, thickset goods vehicle etc. are normally required to enjoy a certain point of vision contained by their worse eye.

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