Anyone know about contact lenses?

My glasses reccently get crushed.. and I have a bit more later two weeks till school. I stipulation something so I can see.. I'm near sighted, and it's definetly not fun going near out glasses. I'd love to win contacts because I can't afford to really get goggles now, and my mom isn't much lend a hand. So I was wondering if I could find contacts? I've heard they're unconfortable, and you requirement glasses as capably.. but I'm desperate. Problem is they sure do confuse me! Does anyone know how much they cost, where on earth to get them, how long they'll ultimate, what kinds to buy, do I hold to order them? etc. Thanks so much!

The cross-examine of comfort with contact lenses is extremely subjective. Most citizens, myself included, LOVE contacts and never have a comfort problem near them. But everyone's eyes are different, and some people enjoy a lot of difficulty dealing next to contacts. Consult with your doctor. As long as the right type of lense is prescribed, and is prescribed properly, you will most potential have no problems. But again, everyone is different. And the price of the contacts also depends on what lense the doctor prescribes for you. If you hold an astigmatism that needs correction, for example, your lenses are going to run at a significantly sophisticated price than regular spherical lenses. Theres also different kinds of lenses, resembling 2 week disposables, monthlies, dailies etc. and those price ranges vary also.

It is not mandatory that you attain a pair of eyeglasses if you get contacts, but it is a smart move surrounded by case something happen with any your lenses or your eyes and you can't wear your contacts. You have a backup couple of glasses to bring back you by. Trust me on this, it's always a right idea to enjoy a back up duo of glasses. And also, if you do draw from contacts, make sure you call upon to re order them BEFORE you are gone with simply one pair to use. I can't let somebody know you how many times those call to re demand contacts and are told that their prescription is over a year old and call for an eye exam first. And then, they complain that they hold no lenses left, "what am i supposed to do very soon, I cant see I need contacts", and the best is "ably, why didnt your office inform me that I entail an exam?", to which I reply "well I don`t know you should have call a few weeks ago when you realized you be running low on contacts, instead of waiting until you only have one pair vanished and are leaving for leave for 3 months tomorrow because then, you would enjoy had satisfactory time to come in for an exam, and command a supply of contacts". Sorry, off on a tangent =)
i wear contacts myself and I LOVE THEM. They be the best move i ever made. They are extremely comfortable and affordable. No, you dont need eyeglasses. Because you can get contacts that you go in for 2 weeks straight adjectives the time. Then, you put new ones surrounded by. Trust me, get contacts, they are easier, cheaper, and look better. Trust me here, i wouldn't story to you.
Contacts are not cheap, they can cost as much if not more sometimes after glasses.
If you don't own insurance I would recommend Costco - they are the best bang for your buck !!
I own ins and the cost of my new specs with the best lenses at Costco be still cheaper then using my ins at the Dr's department, But
contacts are different!
They need to do a different eye exam and estimate your eye and for me I need a special lens contained by one of my eyes so i end up getting 2 different brands and that add to the cost .call your eye Dr and own them give you a nonspecific quote over the phone and then name Costco and do them same see who is less $$ - Also don't win trapped in the big store brands close to lens crafter's they are super expensive, My eye Dr is in a Fred Meyer's and he is merely as good if better then some others.
Hi, i only just can tell you that contacts will confer you a better vision than goggles (is a huge difference),you will have a wideer mirage and more clear, and of course you don't own to do all those things close to cleaing the powder of the glasses, etc, etc.
You should budge with a optic an try them, budge relaxed, don't be nervous,and be confident next to the optician, maybe you be aware of uncorfortable with one brand and best with other.
If you really inevitability glasses the full day, similar to me im almost blind, you have to hold a pair of goggles as well, I don`t know not right now if you can't afford but within the future,becuase you want to brand name your eyes rest at home.
I wish you the best luck next to the contacts experience, and don;t forget that contacts need consideration, cleaning everyday and conservation in special liquid that your optician will tell you,if you don't thought them propperly you will find them unconfortably,for the powder, the proteins ,everything that it's avoided caring them as your optician will explain you.
Good luck !!

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