Are contact lenses safe?

im really into anime and cosplay(when you dress up like a character).my eyes are brown and alot of characters hold different colored eyes.i would like to use color non-prescription that ok to put on my eyes?is that gonna mess beside my eyes or anything?

You can but should not buy tehem without a presciption-not every lens fits every eye and lacking medical examination you can't know which lens fits-see your doc.
Let me caution you before you receive any answers to this quiz: You shouldn't make such decision without consulting near a doctor. is NOT the right place to do it.
Yes and NO don't use non prescription lenses the ones for actors are not protected! You need to be in motion to a doctor which correct care they don't spoil you!

The answers post by the user, for information only, does not guarantee the right and should not be considered medical counsel, diagnosis or treatment recommendations.

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