ColoR ContactS??

my eyes alter from blue-grayish to light green im thinking bout geting color contacts would the color mess up?
im also thinking roughly getting acuve 2 colors is that a good brand??

Yeah theres the Acuvue 2 colors and theres also the freshlook colorblends. . . .Freshlook have a couple of lines of contacts. . . . . they have the creamy colors the Colorblends that will totally change your eye color and they also enjoy the Radiance and Dimensions that will enhance your eyehance your eye color.
The colors should not mess up. Thats the brand I use and have excellent luck beside them
These contacts you mentioned are not opaque they are transparent and enjoy different tints -that means they don't construct brown eyes blue but could make grey eyes appear more resembling blue/ green etc.being transparent make them comfortable to wear but you should not buy them without undergo a proper examination because "good" doesn't parsimonious that they will fit you

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