Can you get contacts alike day you enjoy your eye exam?

I am going to be getting contacts at my subsequent eye exam. Do you get the contacts alike day or do you haft to travel back to pick them up? Also anything elce I should know going on for contacts before getting them. Thanks! :)

yep if they hold your prescription in stock. they will irritate the crap out of your eyes, but tough it out! they are worth it. i enjoy been wearing them for nearly 10 years

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Usually, yes. Sometimes, they may not have your Rx surrounded by stock, so it might take a couple days to seize them in.
Usually if it's your first time wearing contacts, or if your doctor is switching you to a different brand, you receive a trial couple of your prescription to try for about a week. After trying them out, you enjoy to go pay for for a follow up visit so your doctor can check your eyes near the contacts to make sure everything looks okay. After you go and get the OK you can order a supply. Sometimes a trial set of two of your lenses has to be ordered, so it may bring a little longer. But every organization is different, and some don't work this way. But you will most probable have to try them first in the past you order a complete supply.
If your prescription is within stock you should leave beside them. Make sure that they know that you want contacts, so that they schedule time to do a fitting(different than fitting glasses) hold a tech show you how to insert/removal and cleaning and storing. I assume you have never worn contacts, so of late dont get frustrated. Keep beside it. You should only wear them for a touch while every day, and increase it slowly. Just remember to valet your hands past you remove and insert.
Good luck.
yep at costco u can
trials if they have your rx surrounded by stock----always wash hand before putting them surrounded by and taking them out-dont sleep in them unless they are focus darkness and days

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