Colored lenses?

I'm trying to take colored lenses and i don't want the kind that truly change the color of your tangible eye permenently *spelled wrong sry* any suggestions to wear i should go..besides the doctor or eye ppl?

First of adjectives there are no contacts that transmute anything permanently. They freshly sit over he top of the eye, being colored it of late gives the vision that it is a different color, not changing them. You can draw from them without a prescription but seeing how substantial your eyes are I would see some of those eye people instead of getting them minus one
You want colored lenses that don't change your eye color?? Hmm powerfully contact lenses wont change it PERMANENTLY, when you filch them OUT your eyes are still the same color as they usually necessitate to get them from an eye doctor. You can;t newly get contact lenses at the corner store.
i really chew over that you should go to "doctor or eye ppl". placing things within your eyes is not the best idea, especially if they aren't prescribed. nonprescribed contacts can scrape your eyes, or cause serious irritation.

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