Can wearing safety specs all hours of daylight at work be bad for your eyes?

If they are REAL safety eyeglasses there should be no problem. If they are something someone bought at the dollar store and they are adjectives scratched up then you hold a problem.

I have three pairs of legitimate safety eyeglasses, one plain and two bi-focal. My eyes feel better at the come to an end of the day than when I first stir up.

ALWAYS buy good tools, and that is to say especially true of safety equipment.

Trust your eyes to point, not a low bid...
i hope not, cause i wear them adjectives day sometimes at work
Maybe, but probably not as doomed to failure as not wearing safety specs.
NOT wearing safety eyeglasses at work would be bad for your eyes. I don't see how they could truly be bad for you.are you have a certain problem?
If they don't enjoy a perscription, you're just looking through plastic window... They can't hurt you.
no, safety goggles have no corrective refraction within the glass or plastic lenses, they cannot create any harm.
I own never heard of this. What I know of saftey eyeglasses in the work place is that it is for your protection. I have a boyfriend once who was a mechanic. He flat out refuse to wear protective goggles. As a result, he had metal finish off up embedded surrounded by the same eye twice. The doctor told him if it happen again, he might lose some or all verbs in that eye.

I don't know if wearing them can be doomed to failure for you, but I do know not wearing them can.
No they are not bad for your eyes.. they are "safety" eyeglasses meant to protect your eyes from spoil. As long as they are approved for the tasks you are using them for then they will not grounds any harm to your eyes... they will protect them :)
Any substance you can look through does have a refractive index and does enormously slightly causes things to look a bit different, but this have no effect on your eyes/vision. But this is slight and not even noticeable to most culture. If they were doomed to failure for your eyes then they wouldn't be really safe would they?
Do not verbs safety eyeglasses prevent eyes from damage they do not do any!!!

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