Can you wear Contact Lenses while Welding?

I know that it is humanly possible to wear contact lenses while weld, I just want to know if it is recommended to wear goggles instead.

Shades of an urban legend rise from the grave again...

There is no superfluous risk from UV flash or IR exposure through wearing contact lenses with the appropriate weld goggles/masks.

The sort of radiation exposure required to cause the contact lens to do anything drastic would scrounging the eye would be in serious trouble anyway, making the presence of a contact lens largely irrelevant.

A separate issue is whether contact lenses are a obedient idea surrounded by a dirty, dusty, environment. The older gas permeable designs could be drastically dust-sensitive, but daily disposable softs could bestow some small degree of protection. Keeping monthly soft lenses verbs could be more of a problem.

Optometrist, retired.
You can wear them but you should have a frontage shield. Even with eyeglasses you should have a frontage shield.
For gas welding ( oxy-acetylene ) it's OK, but any type of arc weld that could potentially expose you to a " flash " can be catastrophic if you are wearing contacts.

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