Anyone who knows in the order of eyes and bones :)?

Im rubbish beside bone physiology and all of that. Could someone who is within the know tell me if its possible for 23 year antediluvian girls bone structure to shift to make one eye slightly lower than the other
Its freshly Ive noticed one of mine is and very soon it leaps out at me similar to some sort of quasi modo thing everytime i look contained by the mirror haha.

I swear it wasnt like that previously.
Is this ridiculous and its just that immediately I notice it it looks really conspicuous? or could there really be some physiological explanation?

Check some antiquated photos, if you have them, to see how long this have been here, or whether it other has, but you've never notice it before (It can be the case).

It's of late possible it's a shift in the orbital bone, but it's especially, very unlikely.
A cavernous variety of conditions from infections to hyperthyroidism can affect the volume of the soft contents of the orbit, moving the eye forward or down...

If it's alien it's nothing to frenzy about, but an expert should gain a look at it.

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