Are colored contacts bad for your eyes?

my doctor said colored contacts blur your vision and form it bad

Color contact lenses are not fruitless for your eyes; you may have purely misunderstood what the doctor meant.
Color contact lenses own a fixed pupil size and sometimes when blinking or when your pupil is more dilated like within darker conditions the colored cut of the lens may actually slide over your pupil. The pupil let light into your eyes so you can see; if a portion of it become covered it will affect your vision. singular while wearing them. Not everyone has this problem and it is not for good harmful... a short time ago an annoyance. Also the material used for the colored lenses is not the "best"... plan they do not usually have as great O2 permeability resembling some lenses on the market.
As long as colored lenses are approved by the FDA, fit by a qualified professional and worn and care for properly then they will not explanation any damage to your eyes.

Color lenses that are sold at gas stations and charm salons are considered a trouble. but not ones fit by your eye doctor :)
Hope this helps :)
i dont consider so. but say you attain blue ones..then everything you see will be blue.
I own worn contact for 40 years colored lenses are not bad for you. within fact my doctor told me that contact reorganize your vision. The easier said than done contacts will keep you eyes from varying as fast as they would lacking
Colour contacts are not bad for your eyes and they do not blur your mirage. Your doctor is wrong. Please make sure the ability of the contacts is good. Roughly speaking, the hurricane lantern enters through the pupil and creates an portrait. The pupil area is kept free of any colour within a colour contact lens. So, it is not possible for such contact lenses to blur your figment of the imagination.
Then why would they have made them?? I conjecture they are ok

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