Best way to supply yourself eye drops?

I am anxious to give myself eye drops because I don't resembling the feeling of the drop landing surrounded by my eye so I often miss and go and get my cheek. What are some easy ways save for aiming and trying not to squint...

close your eyes and drop the eye drops in the corner of your eye closest to your snout, and then unfold your eyes. the eye drops will slide in by themselves.
You can try to hold your eye plain with your index finger on your top lid and your thumb on your bottom lid. That path you cannot close your eye when the drop comes out of the bottle.
I hold the bottle of eye drop 1/2 an ich away from my eye, to make sure it doesn't miss. It isn't that creepy to own a drop of medicine jump into your eyes.
hi, instead of aiming for the middle of the eye, drop it in the corner and consent to it spread out. a lot smaller number tension.
I put mine within the corner of my eye (where sleepy dust forms). Just drop them in within and blink; it'll get the eye drop within your eye.
try this... hold the dropper closer to your eye and squeeze the drop into the inner corner of your eye. Then when you blink, the drop will distribute around the eye.
This worked very all right when I had to endow with my 7 month old drops for an infection.
squirt it onto your eyelids and consequently blink a couple times.
It takes practice. Try to believe of something else when doing it. I usually rationalize that it is just a drop of river, and is not going to hurt. Have a friend talk to you when you do it.
put ur index finger on the tip of your eyelid and remember to not blink. put the eyedrops. next blink lots of time to cure the eye and to make it dry. but dont touch it though.

devout luck
Pinch your lower eye-lid and pull it away from your eye - making something approaching a "cup" - put your eyedrops into that lower eyelid cup. When you release your lid & blink ... it'll spread the stuff across your eye.

Good luck.

There is no need to look at the bottle to put drops within.

Do it lying down in the bleak.

With the fingers of one hand hold your eye get underway, rest your other hand resting on that hand next to the dropper above your eye and squeeze.

I do it every night.

I approaching to feel the drops cold surrounded by my eye, that way I know I hold been successfully but if you hold the drops contained by your hand till they heat up up to your body temperature you will not even get the impression them go within.

The best and only road is to fix your eyes on the ceiling and just drop the solution on eyes, if you miss try again.
Nikki have it right. That is the way we prepare our squeamish patients to apply drops. Just be careful not to touch the tip of the dropper to your eye. This will avoid contamination of the rest of the bottle. Good luck!!
You know the piece of your eye that gets pointy.the member closest to your eye. when your eyes are closed put a drop there afterwards open them and the drops discharge into your eye. It works really good!!

Hope this help
Lie down on your back next to your head tipped vertebrae a bit.

Pull down your lower eyelid gently using your middle finger.
Let the palm of same paw rest on chin for stability.

With your other hand, hold the eye dropper beside the heel of your hand resting on the OPPOSITE cheek (for stability & so you won't miss).

Next, examine UPWARD with your eyes (as if you be trying to look at the top of your head)...(this prevents you from having the blinking reflex inflict you can't see the drop coming).

Without touching the dropper to the eyeball, gently squeeze the dropper to instill the prescribed number of drops.

Gently close your eye after you enjoy instilled the drops and blink a few times.

Takes a little practice, but works!


***Nikki's suggestion is right on the money, that is the other safest instrument to do this.
Get a friend to do this for u as u will only be wasting the medication otherwise
The best way is to put the drops within the corner of your eye and then overt your eye. Works great.
I have the exact same problem as you. Here's the recent times put the eye drop bottle tip in the corner of your eye where on earth your tear duct is. Hold your held final, and give yourself the 1-2 drops needed. Works for me everytime. It's also better, because when you do it close to this, there's a less uncertainty that it will run out of your eye, and if you are wearing mascara, that's definately a plus.

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