All the time glasses?

ok with the request for information i asked earlier will i inevitability glasses adjectives the time, can i use contacts, or would the glasses simply be sometimes, or do i not need eyeglasses? if you didnt read my earlier quiz i see perfectly next to both eyes but my left eye is in fact 20/50 and nearsighted if I cover my right eye. and my right eye sees without a flaw, so when i have no eye covered i see 20/20.

To be honest, I don't wear my goggles, except when I am in class or driving (and I will wear them when I am at work, when I grasp a job). My eyes are a lot worse than that, but one eye is farsighted, and the other eye is nearsighted, so I can still see profusely of stuff.

You should get a contact lens for that gone eye, though. You don't want that eye to go idle (when your brain starts ignoring delirium in that eye). Also, if you seize a contact lens, it might stabilize that eye so it won't get worse as nifty (and believe me, it will get worse if you are still young). If not, at lowest possible wear your glasses some of the time (and not newly a few minutes per day).
wear a contact in moved out eye only if right one see 20/20
Yes, you should wear the glasses or a contact adjectives the time. You don't want your left eye to win lazy. You might be okay minus doing so up close.
the girl before is right. lately wear a contact in your disappeared eye and just travel like that. that's what a would've done. if freshly one of eyes were weak. but as it is i have to wear specs all the time. so your lucky.
Whether or not you requirement to wear glasses depends upon your age and circumstances.

What you hold now is call monovision. When in a relaxed state, one eye is focused on reason near, while the other is focused on objects distant. The brain “looks through” the myopic (nearsighted, shortsighted) eye when looking at implicit objects, and “looks through” the fully corrected eye when looking at distant objects. That is a bit of an oversimplification, but you get the thought. Monovision is a technique to delay or cut the need for bifocals or reading eyeglasses as you become older.

A problem next to monovision is that you can lose depth perception. There are many situations when excellent depth perception is called for, such as driving. In these situations wearing glasses would be prudent.

When young, the inborn crystalline lens inside the eye will attempt to "focus around" a small amount of myopia (nearsighted, shortsighted) vision. As you bring back closer to age 40 the crystalline lens is less competent to change focus. This is call presbyopia.

It is possible that as it becomes more difficult for the crystalline lens to focus around your myopia, you will develop headache and similar eye strain symptoms.

However it is also likely that you will hold already adapted well to monovision and will not spy much of a change contained by your early 40s.

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