What is a terigian? I have a small white bump within my eye -someone said it may be a terigian?

I enjoy a small white bump in my eye between the white and brown part of a set -someone said it may be a terigian but they are not sure what it is exactly or what causes it. And I cant find anything on the pattern about it. gratitude for your help

Answer:    Yes the root you can't find anything is because its spelled pterygium. People who get them usually live surrounded by tropical climates or spend lots of time in the sun. Its a small immovable shaped growth which spreads from the sclera (white part) to your cornea (part above your iris). Depending on size, location and symptoms it could be many frequent things. I think it would be best to see a ophthalmologist to find out what it is and what you can do nearly it. :) hope that helps
you aren't finding anything lower than "terigian" because it is spelled "pterygium."I am unclear of what quantity of your eye you are talking more or less, but also search on "stye."

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