Can putting lemon into my eye change color?

well can it.
right answers plzzz

no you will just hurt yourself, spring for colored contact lenses instead...
ummmmm i dont expect so it might wud sting a bit tough
why? Wouldn't that hurt? Alot?
no, but it will hurt ALOT and everything will look greenish/yellowish for a little while after that.
It will turn your eye red, but it won't hold any effect on your actual eye color.
No it will not. The ONLY thing a lemon contained by your eye will do is burn it from the citric acid.
That purely sounds painful... approaching "will putting bleach in my eye brand name it a lighter color?"

I highly doubt it.
lol, no hun
and that would hurt
if you really want to adaptation your eye color get contacts

step get contats and forget the lemons!
no as expected not silly
Why do you want to do that in the first place? And why aren't you positive with the eye color you own. They have a contact lens that make your eyes blue. Is that what you want. Those things are available.
No, but try it anyway!
No! That would just burn!
erm as you would expect not? it will just be extremely painful as it will burn approaching crazy, lemons are acidic,
try it and email the results lol
u ain't serious in the region of this hahahaha
good trick though
To red and bloodshot.
not the colored part. but the white section will definitely turn bright red. if thats what you're aiming for, lemon yourself out.
No, it won't changeover your eye color, but it will hurt like hell due to the tang. The best way to alter your eye color is to buy tinted contacts, they can make your eye color immensely dramatic.
What a ridiculous idea!
It will engineer them really red from the citric acid. Other than that no. So do not do it. You could really weaken your eyes.
The white part on your eye will turn bright red and your eye would hurt really doomed to failure!
No. Your eye will just sting approaching hell, and most likey turn pink from irritation.
yeah, it can turn them bright red

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