Bright spot when i blink??!?

i havebeen getting a tiny bright spot surrounded by my eye every time i blink
(it happens every in a minute and then)
its the same as you obtain after someone has taken a pic of you aith a flash cam!!
can't make out it when its dark or on a dark wall etc!

anyone else get this?!

Lets see. I can let somebody know you...One time I was looking outside the door when it be DARK and I saw something like that consequently i looked again it happened again solely after I blinked it was grotesque. But It probably wasn't the same as yours basis you said that it happend in reading light areas.hmm
Yeah I have and if i stare not easy i can see it aswell. It's strange.
Yes and if i see a bright light on a display contained by a shop , i seem to get the light surrounded by my eye for ages,,,,Ive had this problem short wearing my new Glasses,,
You are without a doubt a ‘bright spark‘!
Don’t take pique.
I get it sometimes, it's close to looking at a small bright light consequently turning away to see the after image. For me it individual lasts for just about 5 seconds and happen very uncommonly.

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