Cleaning contact lens case...?

after i take out my lens from the covering, should i rinse my lens case near hot water, or can i a moment ago rinse it with my solution? Also, i consent to my case nouns dry, and at the end of the afternoon i sometimes find little debris on the bottom. Should i rinse the suitcase again with solution or marine?

ok i have contacts for a few weeks and i quote form the doctor " After putting surrounded by the contacts, take out adjectives of the solution and rinse with hot sea, let nouns dry for an half of hour till covering, panama up case and store. Then until that time removing cokntacts rinse again and dry with non lint rag towel or towel, then put solution within and remove and soak contacts till the next morning" hope this help
well i typically just valet it with hose down then wipe it out consequently fill it near solution b4 i put them in. idk what the refuse is sorry. you should probably wash it out near both water first.

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