Colored contacts prescription?

can you buy colored contacts in need a prescription?
and if you can were

no you can't , you must run to the doctor
Yep. All you have to do is run to your normal eye doctor (optometrist) and notify him that you want colored contacts. all they enjoy to do is fit your eye for them. :) No prescription needed.
yea.. they usually have them at an eye doctor or where on earth they sell eyeglasses usually.. i other used to buy them when i was younger
u dont stipulation prescription. go to a pharmacy that sell eyewear and ask the pharmacist/technician to help u
NO! NO! NO! Not officially. You need a doctor to standard your base curvature & diameter to insure a proper fit. THESE ARE YOUR EYES!! ONCE YOU MESS THEM UP THEY ARE MESSED UP FOR LIFE! I enjoy seen several population who borrowed someone's contacts that didn't fit properly "Just to change the color of their eyes". 3 of them in a minute need goggles due to scarring of the cornea. 1 Had such a bad eye infection she be placed in the hospital for a week. One group that go to Virginia Beach ended up contained by a bad coup¨¦ wreck because the driver was wearing contacts that be one size fits all that she get at a gas station.

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