Can I wear contacts after rk surgery?? I have mutilation tissue and stigmatism?

There is beyond doubt no general answer to that interrogate. It will depend on your individual situation.

It is likely that a soft lens could be worn, and a toric soft lens might be capable of help, or totally correct, the astigmatism (note: the word does hold that a on the front)

It might be that your very best figment of the imagination could be obtained beside a soft lens acting mainly as a "bandage" for the scarring, next to spectacles over the top.

Also, there are increasingly possibilities involving corrective laser treatment to fall at least raise scarring, if not to rearrange transparency of the scarred areas.

Just occasionally a piggy-back technique is employed, wih a soft lens protecting the broken up corneal surface, on the front of which a gas-permeable rigid lens is worn to deal next to irregular astigmatism. It's complex, and expensive, but it can work when nothing else does.

There are hybrid lenses next to a rigid centre for optical trait and a soft skirt for comfort and stability.
A superb idea. but handling and durability can be issues.

Lots of possibilities, but no blanket simple answer, I'm afraid.
It depends on your expert eyes, Rx and scarring.

Optometrist, retired.

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