Are wearing sunglasses bad?

According to Dr.Mercola, wearing UV blocking sunglasses isn't good for vigour because it interferes with Vitamin D digestion. If this is true, I'll stop wearing sunglasses.

Are you kidding me. I watch that video and my jaw literally dropped to the floor. (but thank you for bringing it to our attention)

He didn't come across to mention that UV exposure to your eyes causes photokeratitis, growths close to pterygium and pinguecula and studies have shown they also do the early birth of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Yes your body requirements vitamin D. but not directly within your eyes... this "doctor" is giving bad and chancy advice.
For one article even if you do use sunglasses it is likely UV will still acquire in your eyes at some point when you pinch them off or even through the sides of the frames.So for him to speak that if you wear sunglasses then no UV is getting into your eyes is not true.
Another point is you can get vitamin D contained by your body through your skin, vitamins/supplements and even certain foods (milk,soy milk and cereal grain are oftently fortified with vitamin D, also tuna, salmon, mushrooms and eggs essentially have vitamin D! If you are worried in the order of your vitamin D intake speak to your doctor if a supplement is right for you!
Even though you can get your vitamin D from sun exposure to your skin it is specified excessive exposure can cause skin cancer so take care and wear sunscreen and limit exposure!
That video is a nouns of crap. That is the only entity I have ever hear of stating that UV is good for your eyes!
Any other doctor would say-so otherwise!
Honestly talk to your eye doctor or even your GP roughly this and I am 100 percent sure they will tell you the pressure of UV protection for your eyes! So please do not stop wearing your sunglasses and I encourage you to catch other professionals opinions on this business :)

EDIT**** I couldn't sleep and I happened to find some information you would be interested contained by: I found a website that debunks that video clip! Dr. Mercola within this statement admits UV cause harm to your eyes and say that he will now be wearing UV protected sunglasses!!
This trellis page also states:
"Most of the health benefits accrue to UV light are via the production of vitamin D within the skin, not the eye.
Terrible misconception by alternative doctors.
No UV Rays Even Reach The Retina In Most Adult Eyes Since They Are Filtered By The Crystalline Lens!
-Exposure to more ocular UV rays a moment ago promotes more cataracts and retinal degeneration"
No! Wearing sunglasses is essential for eye health! There are other ways to go and get Vitamin D, and I'm sure if wearing sunglasses were impossible every doctor would advise against them, but they don't - they influence you *should* wear them to protect your eyes!
Wearing UV blocking sunglasses is probably the best way to protect the strength of your eyes. All sorts of eye conditions result from not protecting your eyes from the sun.cataracts, terrigium (i may own spelled that wrong!) and others.
Please don't take that information seriously, I work for eye doctors and they inform me its VERY important to wear sunglasses every time you dance outside.and even more telling, thats what they do.
Wearing sunglasses is a must! You don't hold vitamin D through your eyes, but through your skin. Your eyes are a very sensitive organ and want to be protected to maintain righteous eye health. The sun can do extensive wrong to the eyes if they are overexposed.
Dr.Mercola is so retarded. thats so untrue

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