Any funny, embarassing, or helpful contact stories?

I'm really bad at putting my contacts contained by. I can take them out really uncomplicated, but when I put them in, I carry squeemish and mess up. I thought some contact stories would make me perceive better, or if anybody has anything compliant to say.

Thanks everybody!

I wore soft lenses for over 25 years...and the most crushing story is that I had put both of my contacts surrounded by the same eye once (ok...I be half asleep and unpunctually for work!!).

Of course, there be many times they'd stumble off my finger and into the sink...and yes...down the drain when I be trying to put them in when I be just starting contained by them. Think my mom spent a fortune in contacts for the first 6 months (didn't enjoy disposables back then)...til she finally get a stopper for the sink lol

This is what my optometrist had told me be ok for putting contacts in...look up and towards the middle of your trunk...put the contact on the white part of your eye while holding the lid down next to your other hand. Blink a few times and particularly 'move' the contact into place with your eye closed through the lid if blinking isn't satisfactory. He also had suggested using a couple of rewetting drops or plain saline solution prior to putting within the lens to help it into place better. I be 10 at that time and did that for the next 25 years.
I no longer wear not easy lenses, but I did for years. I, too, was squeamish in the region of putting them in, rash on. Several times, I couldn't stop myself from turning my eye away as the lens was head straight for it, even though I managed not to turn my herald. So I'd jam the lens onto the white of my eye. If I'd turned my eyes really far, when I looked straight ahead again, the lens would be aft the bony eye socket, and really hard to attain out. At least once, I have to go to the eye doctor to take it removed. I felt resembling a total moron.
I was at a lacrosse team game watching my nephew play, sitting in the stands next to his brother and got an itch contained by one eye. I rubbed my eye, then after something did not be aware of right, and my vision be different. I asked my nephew to look in my eye, and I asked if he could see my contact. He couldnt, and I know I had rubbed my contact up glorious under my lid. I couldnt go and get it out, and I was sitting outside within the wind short a mirror. I was freaking out and took rotten to the parking lot which was a upright walk away, covering one eye looking adjectives panicked. I terminated up stopping at the closest car I come up to and used their mirror to find my contact. Its funny, because if I had only calmed down and closed my eye, it would have come down on its own. I thought I have lost it into my brain or something, which is ridiculous!
I did have this guess that contact lenses had an as-yet undetected side effect, wounding the commonsense gland, because (some) contact lens wearers seemed competent to do things that would never occur to majority meMbers of the public.

Try your logical skills on this one, which came up more than once:
"I've lost one of my contact lenses, and the mirage is all blurry near the other one." *

"I've torn the lens and I going to have to catch a replacement.
I tried putting the two halves in surrounded by the right positions but it didn't work."

"I can see much better without my contact lenses within, what should I do?"

The most frightening patient I ever have however was a surgeon. He have no sense of self preservation whatsoever.
When asked to remove his contact lenses, he would just stick his fingers surrounded by his eyes, rummage around for a bit and then get hold of. I just hoped he other got the contact lens.
(If he be like that on himself, I antipathy to think what he be like next to anaesthetised patients)

*yes, two lenses put in like eye, leaving a shortage of lens for the second eye!

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