Astigmatism to right eye, blind in moved out, wearing contact lense that making crossed eyed, need suggestion?

I own an astigmatism to my right eye. My left eye is completley blind d/t a inoperable cataract.

I wear specs with perched lenses just to even out that bulk of the lenses. When I wear my glasses it looks as if I am not looking at you near my left eye (as if I have a lazy eye) but my sight is fine on the right. Occassionally, I will wear a contact lense in my right eye (like for a formal event).

I not long had my eyes checked and my prescription be adjusted. I distinguish that when I wear my contact lense that my left eye looks a bit crossed consequently eventually does go crossed eyed when I'm wearing it for a while. Even though I don't wear my contact extremely often, when I do wear it I capture somewhat of a headache after wearing it all time.

Is my eyes trying to get used tot he contact lense every time I wear it since I don't wear it normally? Or should I get rechecked for the lense prescription/shape of the lense?

If it appears next to glasses that the gone eye is not looking in equal direction as the right, then you may, contained by fact, enjoy crossed eyes. It is difficult for you to maintain alignment if one eye is blind.

The specs will help disguise the turn, so it may be more adjectives with contacts. If the contact lens is not comfortable you should hold your fitter check the lens fitting.
Contacts do not always work on astigmatisms, I could not wear one, tried adjectives kinds. I eventually get lasik surgery, now I love it.
A lot of associates who have blindness hold "wandering" or "lazy" eyes. It's why people similar to Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Terri Gibbs wear very dimness glasses around population. It's a normal piece. Next time you see your eye doctor, mention this. It very probable is what is happening beside your left eye. I've prearranged people who are blind on one side (like my aunt) to wear specs, but the lens over the blind eye is almost black. So it's not exactly like an eye patch, but it make my aunt feel more comfortable knowing her "wandering eye" isn't getting more attention that what she have to say.

Good luck.
Contact lenses don't correct for astigmatism unless you obtain special lenses, called toric lenses. If you hold very little astigmatism, your optometrist wouldn't administer you a lense that corrects for astigmatism, but it might help. Also, getting used to the lense will conspicuously help, try wearing them for a week minus using glasses unless you enjoy to.

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