Colored Contacts??

I enjoy alot of questions!! Which brand of colored contacts are the best? and roughly speaking how long do a pair of colored contacts closing? I also want to know what color would look good on a red-headed, freckled girl. thx for the serve!

My sister and I wear FreshLook colors, and they last as long as regular contacts do (I revision mine once a month). I'm not red-headed, but my sister is (and she's freckled, too!), and she wears green ones and they look really cute on her!
Maybe in recent times answered this to gloat-Born with steel grey eyes and sandy brown hair-A girl nickname me Meechi(She thought I had eyes similar to a kitten.)
I use Acuvue2 Colors, mine are prescription though. I'm sure they make nonprescription Acuvue2 Colors. They work great for me! Because mine are prescribed I conversion mine every two weeks. I always thought green looked appropriate with red mane. I always attain green.
I've seen some females wearing lavendar contacts over times gone by few years. They are soo cute. I love purple! Also, hazel has other been a favorite of mine and they verbs to bring out the best in facial features on girls and guys.

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