4 yr. old son draws face upside down?

My 4 year outmoded son is drawing peoples faces upside down. He make a circle, puts two more circles for eyes at the bottom, then a muzzle on top and a smile on top of that. He have done this over and over again. Is this indicative of any sort of visual or processing anomaly? I'm not necessarily worried...more curious. Thanks

I know you're not necessarily worried, but to assure you.this is totally common.http://www.scholastic.com/earlylearner/e...
My son drew faces upside down. I be never worried about it any. I thought they were fine drawings. Get some colored construction paper and different colored crayons and permit him draw to his little heart's content. I still have my son's upside down drawings and he is 12 in a minute. I loved them so much and they were pretty good. It showed an artsy impressionest side-- extremely rare and different. That is what was so great roughly his drawings..don't think too much they a moment ago draw and thats what made them so special to me. As I said, my son is twelve now and extremely smart, outgoing and athletic. His drawing upside down is completely normal.
It could be an indication of some neurological problem, or it could only just be that he is expressing himself artistically. It's probably the former, so you should have him tested.
Maybe, although I know small children who enjoy written there name backwards and upside down for a few months, and they eventually just find over it. It just depends.
I don't know , hold him to an eye doctor to check his eyes , then to a psychiatrist
perchance nothing...conceivably a perceptual problem.

definitely not an "eye" or "vision" problem.

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