Best eye glass lenses for severe astigmastism?

I have severe astigmatism (-4.00) beside very little distance correction for farsightedness and own to get some investigational glasses soon. The problem is that I own a new hallucination insurance plan that lists that they lone cover polycarbonate lenses. I remember a couple of years back getting a duet of glasses made of polycarbonate lenses from Lenscrafters (after individual assured by them that polycarbonate was the best out in attendance for severe astigmatism) and finding that the clarity of the lenses was cloudy and in that seemed to be too much distortion. After that doomed to failure experience I paid a ton of money to attain glasses from an expensive eye center, and the standard was economically worth the money. However, I don't know if they simply used a higher index lense, or what exactly they might hold used. I want to use this new insurance to cut the cost of the exam and frames, and am ready to pay out of pocket for the best lenses for my severe astigmatism, but I want to know what to ask for. THANKS!

Hi Index lenses would be better. It may be worth it even if your insurance doesn't cover them. Hi-Index lenses a plastic lens; not polycarbonate. In reality, I'm not a fan of polycarbonate at adjectives, unless we are talking almost children's or safety specs due to the lens' impact resistance. Other than that, in my belief, poly lenses are the worst, especially for those with superior prescriptions - lots of distortion. Hi-Index plastic lenses are actually thinner than poly (available surrounded by a 1.67 and I think it even comes a moment or two higher index than that immediately, although I cannot think what it is. The greater the index, the thinner the lenses) I'm positive that you'll do much better with those. As you said, you compensated a little more for them finishing time but they are well worth it because you'll know how to wear them without the distortion.

Good luck!
Well, it depends on your eye "insurance". If it is any eyemed or vsp, there are provisions for superior index lenses (but it also depends on what plan you have).

You want a lens material that will cover the curvature of your prescription. Usually 1.67 hi index will do simply fine. Also remember that because of the lens curvature, you will want the smallest frame that you can handle. In other words, engineer sure the frame FITS your face, don't step by the the words "oh, they're cute." And rounder the better.

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