Can you buy color contacts over the internet without a doctor's prescription?

All the web sites I"ve see want a doctor's prescription and I don't have one.

It's not permitted to sell you contact lenses minus a prescription. And the reason for specifically you can do serious damage to your eyes next to contact lenses--even the no-power costume ones-- if you don't know what you're doing. When you go for a contact lens exam, they not lone test your trance, but they also teach you the right process to put them in, pocket them out, clean them, etc. I wouldn't risk putting contact lenses contained by your eyes without checking near a doctor first.

You might find a site willing to deal in you crappy off-brand colored contacts for $30 a pair lacking a prescription, but why bother with those? They're across the world not very perfect. Brand name colored contacts (Acuvue, Fresh Look, etc.) are in fact way smaller number expensive, better-looking, more comfortable and safer for your eyes. Once you have a prescription, you'll know how to get those.
shift to a swap meet its the best place to find them!
As far as I know you can't. It's risky to sell contacts lacking a prescription. I used to work for a Otometrist for about 5 1/2 years and we would return with people adjectives the time come in next to eye infections because they didn't use there contacts properly, and the podium curve of the contacts was agency off. Even if you don't call for power in the lenses it's still a fitting idea if you go and get checked at like a walmart or a costco. There exams are usually no more than $75. The doctor can write you out a RX for some plano(non rx) lenses beside the correct base curve. Plus everyone should catch there eyes checked every couple of years.
You can bring back your eye doctor to give you a copy of your prescription if you in reality have smaller number than perfect fantasy. Mine did it with no question asked. If you have unfaultable vision and want them a moment ago to change the color try a Google flush. Good luck.
Not sure but you need too hold your eyes measured to get the correct size. They don't come within small, medium and larger you know.

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