Anyone wear contacts while playing Softball/baseball? Looking for a solution.?

I am sick of not one able to see the globe completely during night games and really don't want to wear my goggles. I was considering getting contacts but thought that I don`t know they would be a problem due to dust and stuff. Anyone have any input or know from experience if wearing contacts is a problem for the most cog? Thanks.

your right the dust and dirt are the problem there... dont verbs about it purely keep cleaning solution, eye drops, and a contact defence in your pod... if you have a problem phone call a time out and take thought of it.
Actually, pending an eye exam and clearance from your doc, you're an excellent challenger for contact lenses! This is often the exact object why people come contained by for lenses...because they play sports and feel impede by their glasses.
Ok i have similar problems with basketball. The solution is this:

orthokeratology lenses. These contacts are worn during the darkness to shape your eyes for the day ahead. Its simple. you wear them at darkness and take them past its sell-by date in the afternoon and u can see 20/20. These cost around 1400-2000 for the whole program. It is worth it so i suggest getting them if you can afford. Search for the nearest optomitrist that do ortho-k lenses. I enjoy been using these for roughly speaking 2 years. They work by shaping you eye when you sleep because your eyelids insert a bit pressure on your eyes. SInce the contracts are rigid, then ur eyes are shaped correctly.

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