Cataract surgery?

I hold to get this surgery, i hold been to abundant different specialist and they all enunciate that my optic lense is not shaped right because the connective tissue that hold it in place have torn so in effect cause them to lose their correct shape. So now they voice this complicates the surgery because they aren't sure if they have plenty connective tissue for the optical lense implants. Has anyone else have this issue and know of what would be the alternative if the connective tissue doesnt hold the implant contained by place?

That's not that common a condition...
You don't enjoy Marfan's syndrome by any chance?

I've see a few cases with relations with this sort of zonule problem.

Anterior chamber lens implant are available where the brand new implants cannot be located astern the iris.
These sit just within front of the pupil
They are also used in some cases as an elective technique: an alternative to refractive laser surgery where on earth the RX is very immense.
Beyond that there is also the contact lens picking before facing the great gelatinous aphakic spectacles which were the norm when I started practising.

One issue to consider:
beside the cataract removal you and replacement you will have no shelter (with damaged zonules, you may not own much now...)
As wel as single nightmare implants, multifocal lens implant are now person offered, with the potential to wipe out the need for reading or multifocal eyeglasses for close work (assuming your distant vsion is reduced to almost zero by the operation.)

It's an appealing belief, but personally I own my doubts about it. I consider in that are at least potential and fairly possibly actual drawbacks involving increased glare and loss of contrast.

You will obligation to research "ReStor, ReZoom Array"
I think the Array lens, at smallest, is available as an anterior chamber implant, but don't rely on that, check next to your own surgeons.
The lens sits in a connective tissue "bag". In most cataract surgery, a hole is made within the front of the bag through which the lens is removed. A bogus lens is then implanted into the purse. In your case, the "zonules" holding the backpack in place may not be stable. They will plausible use what's called a capsular stiffness ring (CTR) during surgery to help hold things surrounded by place. In the old days, surgeons would purely remove the entire lens, bag and adjectives (intracapsular cataract extraction). In this case, a lens can be attached to a different factor of the eye - google 'PCIOL'. Alternatively, glasses or contacts can run over for the lens and bend light if it is unfeasible to implant a misrepresent lens. Should be OK.

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