Are contact lens save?

Lately ive listin in the word and other media that individuals who weare contacts usually catch or capture an infection concerning their eyes, basically i want to know if contacts are sheltered or not and why?... also here in the U.S how much do they cost?

Contact lenses are protected as long as they are used properly. Alot of eye infections are caused by ancestors over wearing them and not cleaning them properly. Most people I own seen near a moderate to severe infection have worn their contacts while sleeping and do not donate their eyes time to breathe. On top of that they do not take their lenses out and verbs them. Over time contacts build up protein deposits and just "gunk" from the environment. That builds on the lens and when not cleaned cause an infection, corneal abrasion and/or ulcer contained by the eye.

My advice is, wear the lenses for 12-15 hours a afternoon...take them out, verbs them, and store them for at least 7-8 hours. This give your eyes time to breathe and time for the lenses to get verbs for the next light of day. Also, replace the lenses when suggested. Most disposables are 2 week lenses.

For a non-astigmatic prescription contacts typically run $30-$50 for a 3 month supply of disposable lenses.
i just get them and my docter said they are completly save. usually they will endow with you a free trail at the eye docter.
i use contact lenses and my eyes are fine, so i guess theyre safe. freshly be sure to ask ur eye doc for a good solution that wont giv u infection.
I've have them for over ten years and have no problem. Just hold on to them clean and other have verbs hands when putting them contained by (to avoid infection).
The price depends on what brand mostly but also your prescription. Some are more comfortable to wear than others (you may have to try a few to find one that's comfortable). Acuvue Oasis (one month disposable) are nearly $40 for 6 lenses here in Canada. They are scraggy so you have to be cautious (they can tear easily). Other that are more money are thicker and more durable.
If you maintain your lenses clean and clear, you can walk beyond the month (my own eye specialist states this).
Contacts generally cost deeply more in the long run than eyeglasses but I love them.
they are safe.. they cost similar to $70 for exam and fitting.. and you can also order some.. the cost depends, really
close to $20 a box
i hav ebeing useng them for about a year nd a partially nd i didnt get a eye infection
i suppose they r past the worst once u
1. make sure nearby out when going to sleep
2 change the sloutin past u put your contacts in to the shield
3. dnt wear rhem going swimming
4. make sure your hand r clean when putting them surrounded by nd when taking them out
hope ta helped :D

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