Can a seeing person become blind?

i was in recent times wondering if someone who was born beside the ability to seem to be could become blind during their lives. And if so, can it be fixed if part of the problem is set?

Of course someone who is born with eyesight could stir blind during their lifetime. It could be due to an accident, contact near chemicals, a disease. . . . And there are surgeries that can correct some (but not adjectives obviously) blindness when the problem is known.
They could procure hit in the eye next to a paintball, or at least that's what happen to me and now I see something like 20/350.
of course, seeing family go blind deeply...due to a disease or an depends on what cause the loss, whether it can be fixed or not...once the sight is gone, it's now and then gotten back short an eye transplant...they have corneal transplants and other parts that can be replaced, but why risk it...pilfer care that you are locked and use protective safety specs to do anything that might cause despoil to your eyes...
Yes, someone born with the proficiency to see could be afflicted with disease or own an accident that would grounds them to become blind. Depending on what the problem is, it could be fixed.
In short Yes
This made me think of the movie Daredevil,he could see and afterwards chemicals blinded him,he ended up getting hold of hearing and better senses, but zilch could be done to save the eyesight. Same go in solid life.
Yes. In certainty, most blind people be not born blind, they had an eye injury or developed eye disease after birth.

Whether here is a "fix" or not depends upon the cause of blindness; within are hundreds, if not thousands, of different cause of blindness.

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