Blood clot in Retina plz suggestion?

Hi Friends
My mom is have Vision problem and the reason is blood clot surrounded by retina,She is nearly 60 years of age
We went to best hospital surrounded by Hyderabad and lifted his foot that he cannot do any thing.Plz push for what can i do to her ,I am ready to embezzle her to US also if there is any cure.
Thanks and Regards

There is, I regret, thoroughly rarely any live treatment for an established branch or central capillary or arterial thrombosis of the retina.
Possible underlying issues need to be checked for:
Hypertension, giant cell arteritis, blood clotting disorders...

If just part of the eye is artificial, then inspection may be needed to asses whether the macula is at risk, and *occasionally* laser therapy may be advise.
If it was a medium occlusion, this is very seldom the case.

Checking surrounded by the months after the thrombosis is required because in some cases a inferior glaucoma develops as the eye lays down new blood vessel trying to heal itself. and sometimes these can also organize to fresh haemorrhages.

At this point treatment is more often given.

But at hand is no straightforward cure for for the initial condition.
Some recovery of vison can be hoped for, contained by general more if it be a vein fairly than an artery that was artificial.

Sorry I can't give better...

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