Can you sleep with purevision contacts contained by?

i be told they were with the sole purpose for day wear but i found this on a contact lens selling site.

Designed to be worn as a monthly day after day wear lens or up to 30 days of continuous wear, which means you give somebody a lift the lenses out each darkness or even sleep in them for up to 30 night. Then simply discard and replace with fresh lenses. Be sure to follow your prescribing eyecare provider’s recommended replacement diary.

whos right?

Suitable or not depends on what your Eye doctor told YOU! Some people can some can't & I don't recommend it any way.
You should never sleep contained by your contacts, ever!
You should never sleep in contact lens. Contact lower the amount of oxygen that gets to your eyes. This is made worse when your eye lid are closed (when you are sleeping).
Whether they are suitable for that purpose or not, sleeping in contacts can be pretty desperate.. They block oxygen to your eyes. Would you risk that just because you didn't want to be fussed near taking them out? Personally, i would never sleep in contacts. I enjoy the soflens, which aren't as good as the purevision, but surrounded by sleeping in them once basically killed my eyes! Not obedient at all!

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