Astigmatism contact lenses?

Are these worth the price over regular contacts?
I enjoy astigmatism and have be wearing 'normal' contacts for years. I sometimes have trouble but I'm told that's mundane also.
Do any of you recommend the astigmatism lenses over the regular lenses?
The price is scary.

it adjectives depends on you. any optometrist worth their weight will first make available you trials to try. express your budget restraints, ans he/she should try to accommodate you. overall, they should be trying to find an appropriate medium for the form of your eyes, any your happiness. An astigmatism can come and progress as the years pass. Also only because you have an astigmatism contained by your glasses, may not plan that you need it surrounded by your contacts. An astigmatism roughly means that you eye is not without fault round, but more like a football. As a result the astigmatic/toric lenses are weighted to accommodate this for you. As a result, you may find them thicker, or heavier and not approaching them. But you may also see sharper- this is why trials are so necessary! See if they are worth the expense for you. Also, markedly important, they do not enjoy to be expensive. private opticals will ream you, though. Go to target, and they start at about 40 for a box of 6, and up. Good luck!
I enjoy worn CL for 26 years, and also had be wearing "regular" lenses. I switched to the Toric lenses (For Astigmatism) and eventually developed a condition called Keratoconus, a rounded cornea. I now wear Rigid Gas Permeable lenses, and I importantly recommend these. They will help you see better, they are easier to nurture for, and you never have to go and get rid of them, unless your Rx changes. They clutch a little time to obtain used to, but very capably worth it. I see sooooo much better. Ask your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist about these. Good Luck!!
Yeah transmit me about it I go to an appointment to do a check-up for my eyes and the doctor told me I had astigmatism which not a soul never told me I had and the price for the contacts where on earth $100 dolars each eye I be like what motive I usually pay approaching 57 bucks for contacts I told her what if I loose one I wwould have to foot another $100 dollars so I did not buy them
It all depends on the severity of your astigmatism. On your prescription, how various diopters of astigmatism do you have?

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