Can I nap contained by my contact lenses just for rather while?

We come back from a picnic, and I get told I slept for half an hour. Luckily, nil happened to my eyes since I've read going on for what might occur. For subsequent time, I'm wondering if it's safe to NAP contained by contact lenses? I wear Optix O2 if that helps.

See, the point is that I have a movement to sleep in the motor when we go on long trips, but I also want to wear my contact lenses to see the places we're visit!

I nap contained by my contacts all the time and I never hold a problem. Just keep for a while bottle of rewetting drops with you contained by case they grain dry afterwards.
i nap contained by my contacts all the time - i've even worn them overnight - i don't recommend. but napping contained by them is fine. Just keep eyedrops on mitt so they don't get too dried out.
i instinctively think its fine on moment in time for most people. especially contained by o2 optix.
yeah, you could... but it just feel yucky when you wake up. spawn sure you have rewetting drops to re-moisten your eyes after wake up. it will help
Even when I wore not easy contact lenses I would nap surrounded by them all the time and never have a problem other than dryness. If you find yourself sleeping surrounded by your contacts all the time, perchance you should try Night & Day lenses, which you can wear 24/7 for up to 30 days. I've worn them for more than 2 years and love not having to mess near them everyday.
I don't know .. You might consider getting some glasses also they're jammy to take safekeeping of. Ask your eye doctor because it might depend on the kind of contacts that you own.
I've been told by my doctor that sleeping cause protein build up & is not good for your eyes. I, however, sleep & live contained by my contacts 24-6 (I usually give my eyes a rest 1 year out of the week if they seem to be really irritated). So contained by answer to your question: yes it is ok to siesta in your contacts. Your eyes may get the impression a little dry or scratchy after the first couple times, but I focus it is worth the consequences.
yeah but don't drive while you are asleep =D

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