Colored contacts?

i want to gain colored contacts *i don't wear contacts or glasses cuz i don't inevitability them* but how would i get some that aren't prescription?

you can ask your docter and you can also turn out it on the internet there are some websites that specialize surrounded by non perscription glasses and contacts.
i'm not sure.Ask a doctor.
ask an optometrist (eye doctor) nearly it

i wear green ones
You have to travel to a doctor anyway. They have to examine your eye for size and adjectives. once you do it once, I believe you can then lay down online when you know the brand and exact info.
You still will need an eye exam but that's what I did so that I could own green eyes when I want to have them.
the eye places usually vend them
There were reports out at hand that the colored contact lenses "One size fits all" is very weak. They damage the outer lense of your eyes because they don't fit correctly. Also near is a lot of problems near contamination and with eye infections.

Contact lenses are approaching medication. You need a prescription. Also if you don't want them, Don't wear them. Because you are taking the unecissary risk of getting an eye infection or damaging your sight by wearing lenses that don't fit correctly.
It is very unforced
but u should ask ur eye doctor to test if u r allergic

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