Any eye experts out there?

My optician said that my fundi have an unusal speckled appearance... any clue what this could be because she said she wasn't sure

A mixture of possibilities, but we probably can discount the obvious, because your optician would own identified them.

You have regular acuities, medical history..?
Was it the first time this optician had see you, or did they think this be something new?

The retinal apperance can ebb and flow a lot and still be ordinary.
The chief thing to destroy in a speckled fundus that wasn't readily identifiable as a usual variation would be a low-grade salt-and-pepper choroiditis.

The subsequent would be an inherited condition, possibly a curiosity of no great significance. Looking at the eyes of close relatives might be a decide factor here.
There are a range of macular/posterior fundi conditions near atypical appearances that do run in family.

But whether the optician is unsure, or fairly sure but wanting the confirmation to come from the higher-ranking ophthalmologist, the correct procedure is one followed.
Whatever it is, they are on to it.

Optometrist, retired.
no idea sorry
Excuse me...Had to find my goggles to read this lol.
Ok your fundi, last time I have that the doctor gave me a shot of penicillin, wow. Have no belief, go to google and type it within, you will have your answer.

Good luck near that fundi, step on it.
I'm afraid i'm not an eye expert- but the best eye hospital in the world is Moorfields eye hospital within London- they may be able to support you- or have your doctor refer you there- I've have 3 friends referred there- 2 had their site save and the other was given unbelievably good direction and is on the mend.

Your site is so important- only specialists are any honest for that.

here is a link to their website.
Go to an opthamologists instead and get hold of your eyes dilated.

You need a physician to desire if the optician is seeing things.
fun·dus (fun'ds)
n. Anatomy., pl. -di (-dī').
The portion of a hollow organ opposite or farthest away from its opening.

Sounds similar to she was making small natter with 25 cent words.
It could be any number of things, I would consult an Ophthalmologist.
consult an *optometrist* (ahem) or ophthalmologist.

sounds to me close to a possible "white dot syndrome" like optical histoplasmosis. need to enjoy this checked out.

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