Can I wear contacts when I have pink eye?

I have a driving tryout today but I dont want to wear my last double act of contacts only once make happen of pink eye! Will it make it worse?

it will trade name it worse. wear glasses.

Anything on your eye will generate things worse.. you can always a short time ago take your eyeglasses off for the picture.
you should not wear your contacts when you own any infection in your eyes
it will of late continue the infection if you save putting the same lenses rear legs in your eyes, even though you verbs them
Yes, it will make it worse and if you don't throw out your contacts that you have in when you get it, it will continue and never clear up. There are more likelihood of infection as well next to other diseases if you do wear your contacts when you have any sort of eye infection. The repricusions can be awful, up to and including blindness.

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