Can my contact prescription be determined from my eyeglass prescription?

No. It's a separate form of prescription. It usually costs more to be fit for contacts because the optometrist needs to benchmark your eyes for the right sizes and fit of the lenses on your eye! Eye glasses and contacts are route different. Your eyeglass prescription is just the starting point contained by calculating what you sould need for a contact lense RX! The doctor also have to measure your cornea to draw from base curve & diameter specifications. He also wants to adjust your prescription's power numbers slightly to compensate for thecontact lenses sitting on your eyes. They take contained by to consideration that the glasses sit further away from you and later also with some contacts at hand is tear shroud to consider that might have an effect on the power as resourcefully. The doctor also looks at movement of the lense when you blink. If the lense moves too much or not enough it can dammage your eyes because the fit is wrong. Once the Doctor determines that they usually fit you near trial lenses and have you come vertebrae for a follow up to double check all of these things a week or two then. If all is all right they can then proclaim your contact lense supply, if something needs to be changed, they most credible will put you in to a different lense or equal lense with different parameter. It is not as simple as it seams! The Contact lense portion of the exam is usually a separate member of the appointment and has it's own charges. Talk to your doctor nearly these things and let the doctors organization do their job! Your eyes will stay merry and healthy if you do it the right track!
No. It's a separate prescription. It usually costs more because the optometrist needs to index your eyes.
Eye glasses and contacts are different.
No your eyeglass prescription is basically the starting point. The doctor also has to manoeuvre your base curve & diameter desires. He also needs to adjust the marks slightly to compensate for the lenses sitting on your eyes instead of inches in front of them.
You probably could, but near are eye measurements that also need to be made. If you try to proclaim your contacts without a contacts prescription, you will probablly bring in a mistake and then termination up wasting your money on the contacts you bought.

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