Anyone who uses contact lenses: How long did it take to bring back use to putting the lenses in/out? Any tips?

I in actual fact got comparatively lucky and got them within and out on my first try at the eye doctor's office, and never really have problems with them at home any. My tips for you are:

1.) Place the contact on your right pointer finger
2.) Pull down on your lower lid with your right middle finger
3.) Pull up on your upper lid beside your left middle finger
4.) Stare into the mirror and see your pointer finger bring the contact to your eye - try not to blink (if this doesn't work for you, try looking up as you put the contact in)
5.) After the contact is in, any blink a few times, or close your eye and then enlarge into to help the contact become centered.

When removing contacts I simply:

1.) Pull my lower lid down next to my right middle finger
2.) Pull my upper lid up with my disappeared middle finger
3.) Use my right pointer finger to slide the contact off the center of my eye towards the corner - later pull it out thoughtfully when there's a little ridge within it

Hope this helps. :-)
They are strong to put in but i can presently do it first time round! i put them in by using both hand i.e 1 finger on each to hold my eyelids open out while another finger on my right hand (i am right handed) usually my index finger holds the lens next place it on my eye and wiggle it around slightly till it sits surrounded by place. It took me a while to perfect this technique but is really natural when u get the swing of it. Everybody usually finds their own comfortable way of inserting them suitable luck!
Always keep them bad clean and buy rewetting drops. If they don't stay moist it's not comfortable.Make sure you other check and make sure they aren't ripped when you put them surrounded by!
When someone starts using contacts, normaly are with the creeps to touch the eyes,but this will pass near the days of practise.
Im using contacts since lots of time and i can tell you that usually put on or off your contacts must be done surrounded by les than 10 seconds.Just wipe up your hands, put on the tip of your index finger the lense next to saline solution, open your eye near the others ingers and put the contact in te eye next to security, don;t be agitated.
Take care beside your nails!. You can damge your contacs or your eye. Other tip is other clean and exit at night near the solution your optician said.
All those all within one solution aren;t good i expect and many relations is allergic.
It's better having a cleaner,a solution for hours of darkness by separate.
I can recommend the following products that are the best:
Cleaning: POLICLEANS II (Alcon)
Preserving at night: AOSEPT (CIBA)
Don't forget to remove proteins every week.
All that will take home your contacts confortable.
Good luck!!
First remember the first day is other the hardest. When you're putting them in your biggest headache in the butt is your eyelashes. So beside the hand that's not holding the lens, cover those babies up next to your fingers, and hold your upper lid open. With the middle finger of the foot that holds the lens, drag lower lid, and bring contact close to your eye. DON'T PUSH IT! Think of it as a "blanket" for your eye. Once in, look to your proboscis then agree to go of your lower lid, next upper lid, and blink! To remove you drag your lower lid and with your index finger drag the lens down. Don't be affraid to put pressure. You WON'T hurt yourself. If that doesn't work you can try pinching it sour. The key is to break the suction. This is so much easier to show next tell! Your first year only wear for 4hours consequently every day make the addition of 2more hours until you are wearing 10-12 hrs a day. Enjoy and don't stress! You will seize faster and faster everyday. It's mind over matter. Seriously. So if you start to stress you will not gain it in. Pysch yourself out and get yourself believes you've been wearing them for months. Best wishes and Happy seeing!
I hold to say; contained by wearing lenses for 20-25 years I've never had to hold my eye accessible?! Can remember it taking ages when I first got soft lenses because the assistant insisted I do adjectives these weird contortions beside the other arm - Just open your eye!

It does pocket time, I found taking them out very fundamentally difficult at first but you just stick with and it'll click.

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