Any alternative treatment to help salvage from CSR?

Thank you both of u for your previous answers but Sorry to hold on to u bothering.I have few more doubts...Is nearby any alternative treatment.. like by taking some specific food - green vegi / carrot or by taking any precaution ? is there any haphazard of getting it worsens in my elder age??

I support here answers by your previous respondents.

Beyond the usual good diet, all right antioxidants and vitamins, including from the dark green vegetables.
(I detest brocolli but love brussels sprouts) which should be recommended to everyone, (and obtained by supplementary pills if upright eating comes hard) here is nothing specific for CSR.

In the long run, everything get worse with age.
It's call getting old.
CSR does hold some tendency to recur, but it's far from inevitable. I've have it in my right eye.

Since here is a definite (but not exclusive) nouns between CSR and stress, the most positive preventative measure is a relaxed joyful lifestyle.
Hmm. The world doesn't always gross that easy.

(and my CSR did hit when I be very stressed)
nought that will work. carrots/veggies will have nil effect. no "precaution" will work, either.
There are three layer to the eyeball. The outer white part, which is clear surrounded by the front. The blue or brown...colored part beside the hole (pupil) in it which is a vascular deposit in the stern (choroid), and the retina.

Between the retina and the choroid is a layer of pigment cell. This layer of pigment cell looks sort of like a life-size number of hexagonal tiles. The connections between these individual pigment cells is greatly tight. The connections are called tight junction where the outer cell membrane merges near that of the next cell. This forms a cordon between the retina and the choroid.

The choroidal vessels bleed. They leak fluid, not blood. This fluid wash through the choroidal vessels and is engaged by lower pressure choroidal vessels or vessel with lower osmotic pressure, etc..

IF a pigment cell is sort of bumped bad, it leaves a hole between the choroid and subretinal space. Fluid can then migrate from the choroidal space into the subretinal space where on earth it accumulates and forms a blister.

This is Central Serous Retinopathy. Yes it's stress related, etc. But it's not really a newly focal problem as there are other areas contained by the back of the eye that'll show defect that you've never been aware of. These will show up on an angiogram.

The treatment is to skulk for the hole to seal itself, and if it doesn't, laser it so it'll defect and seal itself. Once that is to say sealed, the fluid will slowly hold your attention. May take a month or so.

There are in a minute newer ways to treat this other than cooking the item. The anti-VEGF drugs such as Lucentis and Avastin have be tried and appear to have some benefit.
There are also steroids injected subsequent to the eyeball and injected INTO the eyeball that help. There will soon be on the open market a steroid implant that will slowly release medication into the eyeball. These are placed contained by an operating room or clean department room and slowly release steroids or other medications (antivirals surrounded by those with HIV related diseases) into the vitreous cavity. Steroids are a loaded weapon. Yes the stop inflammation or slow it down, but they also affect the get foggy lenses or cataract from the steroids, and they can get increases surrounded by ocular pressure (steroid glaucoma) which will hold to be treated. One has to weigh the benefits from the risks and complications of any of these treatments, especially within a problem that is self limiting (most of the time) such as CSR.

So yes within are other treatments. Talk to your retina specialist. He'll know, or be aware of these alternate avenues.

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