i be wondering if anyone knew that beartracks are.. i hold them in my right eye.. my eye doctor said i own nothing to verbs about. but ive googled it and i found nil.

Bear-track and/or cat's paw fundus.

Pretty much the equivalent of a birthmark on the skin.
Small areas of extra pigment grouped together, like a one or more paw grades.

Like a birthmark, there is a thoroughly small chance of fine-tuning, but normally they are totally still
Since they are not as easily observed as a engrave on the skin, it's something that will be observed routinely at normal eye checks. (especially if a comparison photo have been taken: not standard, but, but becoming more common.)
Beyond that no handling is needed

(the photo below has something extraordinary about the macula, too. It shouldn't enjoy that pale ring, but that's not commented on!
Possibly a quirk of the photo.)
The photo of the undergo tracks is nice. The ring around the macula area is ordinary, it's a reflex. As he said, this is a benign condition and usually seen further out towards the periphery. The use of the work freckle is adjectives. That's a nevus in the retina and these are similar. They don't move or procure worse or grow or become malignant. They're just near.

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