Can I just buy over the counter reading specs instead of filling my specs rx?

I lately got a prescription for glasses- Dr said that I should use them anytime I am reading, on the computer, watching tv etc. My rx is +1.25 within both eyes and astigmatism in my right eye one and only -50. Would I be able to buy over the counter reading specs and get indistinguishable results?

Yes, if your reading add is +1.25 you can store a lot of money by purchasing reading goggles in that power, sight wouldn't be absolutely "perfect", but you will know how to get along pretty well beside inexpensive "readers".
You should be able to. I don't know something like watching tv with them though. They are for close up stuff resembling reading and computer.
Yes, but your right eye may not be as clear. A -0.50 cylinder is not a strong astigmatism correction, but like I said your right eye may be bad a little.
You hold this camera. A normal camera, when you move the focus adjectives the way out, so there's no power. To focus closer you own to add power to the lens. The amount of power depends on how close you want the lens to focus. (P=1/d where on earth d is in meters)
So if you put surrounded by a +1.00, you'd be focused at a meter away.

If you wanted to focus at a partially meter...+2.00
third of a meter +3.00
fifth of a meter +5.00

but YOU, don't have a typical camera. You have a skinny camera. Soooooo you need to supply some power just to see at distance. You necessitate to add +1.25 diopters and you are focused at distance, infinity, far away, out within, way out near.

But to see close now, you hold to add some more power. To see a meter away, you'd flier a +1.00 on top of the distance one and you'd be focused at a meter. the total power would be the 1.25 plus the 1.00 or 2.25.

So, if you want to purely get some reader, and you are far sighted that much (+1.25), get reader that are about +2.00 or so. You'll be more comfortable, you'll still own some depth of focus to play with (computer to book and back).

And it IS cheaper.

When you start getting headache, let us know. Someone on this forum will know how to expain the principle. But you might not. I have adjectives sorts of Costco 'readers' for backup glasses and they work of late fine. Cost is $18.00 for 3 pairs.

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