My eylashes always trickle into my eyes?

This happen everyday, do you know whats causing this?

I own that problem with eyelashes falling into my eyes too, and I know it have nothing to do near mascara, because I'm a guy! My theory is that the eyelashes lone grow to a certian length, then they slop out and a "new" one starts growing from the same place. (Note: this is a moment ago my own theory, don't pocket it as "gospel".
maybe your mascara is drying out your eyelashes, but its kinda in general, but not if more than one falls out a day
cut them sour
your mascara
Probably your mascara. Check that it's still in date. Otherwise, try another brand.
How long own you been using your mascara, or eye eye shadow? If it is more than 6 weeks old you probably own eyelash mites! Throw the mascara/make-up away and go see your GP for some drops straight away. This happen to me some years ago and I can't wear either presently.
Do your eyelids itch as well? Have your eyes examined by a doctor. This could be due to inflammation of your eyelids which cause your eyelashes to fall.
you may own chronic blepharitis [ inflammation of lid margin ] shift to an eye doc to rule that out
Mine do sometimes. I guess they shed just approaching your hair does.

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