Australia - Where can i donate my old prescription specs?

Where can i donate my two infirm pairs of prescription glasses? I know nearby was a drive a quantity of years ago with the Fred Hollow's foundation .. does anyone know?

In the US, here is an organization, the Lions Club, that take old eyeglasses and donates them to developing countries. I think within is something with an optometry group, similar to, or beside, Doctors Without Boarders who fixes them and gives them lacking cost to the residents. You could even do a search for the Fred Hollow's Foundation and see what comes up.They still might be doing the collection.

I don't know if in that is anything like that surrounded by Australia, or something similar to Red Cross that might help. You could even contact your church or a church group, or a short time ago phone your optometrist, to see if s/he has any suggestions as okay.

I have an ancient set of two of eyeglasses from high institution (15 years ago) that I would like to donate. I still own my old specs, as I just not a topical pair early this year, but since the old prescription is almost tantamount to my current one, they're my new "merely in case" specs.

I probably didn't give you much to shift by, but I hope I've been of some abet.

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