Can you buy contacts somewhere if you dont have medical insurance??

if so, where can i gain some?

Absolutely! Keep in mind, though, that you necessitate to have an eye exam and prescription specifically for contacts... a regular eyeglass prescription will not work.
Eye exams don't in fact cost that much - you can often go and get one for around $70 - and contacts aren't generally impressively expensive either - $18 to $30 for six twosome of disposable contacts, depending on exactly what you want.

All sorts of places sell contacts; most places where on earth you can buy prescription glasses also put on the market contacts, and many of them also own an optometrist who can do the exam. Some examples: Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision... even WalMart!
I use an online site:

However, they will need to confirm your current prescription next to your eye doctor.

Hope that helps.
categorically! people tend to forget how much doctors and businesses love bread.
I think you can gain them from anywhere that sells glassess and contacts except you are going to foot alot of money for them. And they sell them within those chinese beauty stores but I hear they cause eye infections. The chinese flog a diffrent kind of contact lens. On the sites that go contacts they have those halloween contacts the ones that enjoy the crazy designs.
You can buy contacts anywhere that sells them, insurance or not. The difference is if you enjoy no insurance, you pay.
yeah it is possible. Go to a Walmart delusion center they are usually cheaper too.
if you have a Value Vision you can try that. My husband bought his within without med. insurance.
Roughly $100-$150 will carry you an eye exam and a pair of day after day wear contacts, or a package of disposable contacts perfect for about a year. That eye exam will check for eye diseases and illnesses too.
Any optometrist shop will do. Look within the yellow page under eye wear.
If you enjoy to ask this question, though,you will stipulation permission from your folks to buy them if you are underneath 16

Don't listen to anyone here, I hate when individuals answer questions when they DON't know the answer.

You CAN buy contacts online short a perscription!

Here is an example of one website:

That is where I get hold of mine from, no probems at all near them. They even take paypal which I find vastly convienent and they ship 2-3 days. Fairy cheap, mine are $19.95 for a month..

So yes, you can get contacts minus a perscription. HOWEVER, you must have have contacts BEFORE so you know what stength, size you need.

If you've never have contacts before, you won't be capable of buy them, but for the reason that you won't know what strength and size to buy...

But if you'd hold them in yesteryear, and know your size and strength, you can go to and you can buy them at hand... don't need to walk to yearly expensive visit.

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