Can I get strange contacts without a unsullied perscription or eye exam?

I hatred getting my eyes examined.
I still have my imaginative boxes that my contacts came contained by and it has the numbers that explain what perscription my contacts are.
can I bring those within and get tentative ones with have to see the eye doctor?

If your prescription has not expired (most are usually virtuous for a year) you can try ordering online thru 1-800Contacts or another correspondence order company, however, they will beckon your eye doctor to verify both the presciption and whether or not it has expired. Contacts are in actuality regulated as they are considered a "Medical prescription"

If you go put a bet on in soul to where you get the contacts, they may or may not require you to have another eye exam, depends on their policy and when you have your last exam.
Call your eye doctor and ask! They know best!
The numbers on the box are purely a label for that box of contacts - it does not serve as a prescription contained by the legal sense and most places will not dispense more lenses to you if specifically all you enjoy. If your prescription is not expired (in most states this means smaller quantity than one year old), you can just obtain a copy of it from your old eye doctor and that will allow you to buy more contacts. Your other route is to find some underground place that is not committed to doing things reasonably, but that is silly.
no it's better to do an eye exam

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