Can you wear contacts in the shower?

Can you wear contacts in the shower? I other feel its sturdy to wash my obverse well next to them on. Do they fall out repeatedly? Or is it usually safe. I only just got contacts a few weeks ago, so will I achieve more brave with them or used to them more where on earth I can shower with them. Or is it injudicious.

(confusing post, sorry =/ )

you should never wear contacts the shower or bath tube. my eye doctor told me that if hose gets surrounded by the contacts, bacteria from the hose will start to build up and can cause eye infection.

Watch these two video to learn more almost taking care of your contacts:
i enjoy contacts too so before you budge in the shower use rejuvenate tears (artificial ones ) and then turn in if you dont later your eyes can get dry and they can fall over out its still safe though but not within the pool!!
Wash your face previously putting contacts in and previously getting in the shower. You can rub your contact out when wash your face but you can wear them surrounded by the shower.
DAH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>... can close your eyes. And, don't rub them. You should be fine.

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